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Lose 10kg in 10 weeks by following our unique framework. Discover how movement, nutrition and psychology help keep you on track. 


Discover the seven fundamental movements every person needs to master.

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Break free from old habits with our mindset education which allows you to develop new routines and stay on track. 

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Hi, I'm Jacob, and I'm a peak performance coach. I've been obsessed with fitness since my chubby teenage years. That's when  I developed my unique framework for physical transformation. To learn more about my story tap the button below.


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Ready to lift your game to the next level?  

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Speed and power are at the heart of game changing performance. Focus on combining key strength exercises with the movement mechanics in running to gain an extra edge over your opponents.

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Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Having an injury is never fun. Work with an expert to rebuild strength and mobility. Our programs help you bounce back sooner whilst discovering ways to avoid hurting your body in the future.   

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Improve overall performance by developing a better understanding how your body works eg load versus recovery. Build strength, prevent injury and increase speed. A great program for serious footy players.

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What can you expect from a Jacob Andreae program?

Jacob's framework weaves together key elements of discipline, motivation, commitment and fun. In addition, our amazing community back each other to achieve lasting results. No matter which program you take, you can enjoy:

Body Confidence

You'll feel great and have more energy for life.


Exercises personalised to suit your competency level, goals and restrictions. 

24/7 Support

Video demos and our group forum help to keep you moving forward.

3 Month Programs Only


Our most popular programs

  • Speed & Power 
  • AFLM Pre-Season
  • AFLW In-Season
  • 10 in 10 Challenge
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Time to do something different? Get started by browsing our signature programs. Don't have what you're after? No problem. We can tailor to your needs. Just ask!

Lisa Jeffery

"No other program holds a candle to your program, Jacob"

Pete Jackson

"It really is personal group training!"

Carol Sohn

"I never knew fitness could be fun."

Leigh Lockley

"An average teacher tells, a fair teacher shows, a good teacher explains but a great teacher inspires. Jacob is a great teacher"

Kristy Styles

"Jacob will let you know how you can further challenge yourself, or how to reduce the level of activity if needed, with exercises particular to your individual needs"

Lina Paselli-Kruse

"Jacob’s sessions are a wonderful balance of exercise, stretching and strength"

You can transform your body even if nothing's worked in the past 


You don't have to give up pancakes or slave for hours at the gym to get results with us. Jacob Andreae's programs are fun and cater to your specific needs. Join us to make a difference to your body, learn some new habits, and live more energetically. 

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